Choosing the right Software solution is critical to the long term viability of your project. What hardware does the software support? What is the upgrade path? How easy is the software to operate? and most importantly, How robust and reliable is the software and the vendor? Activate The Space with its decades of experience operating thousands of Audio Visual systems can help you navigate this critical choice for your project. Having sold and operated thousands of systems gives us first hand knowledge of not only the benefits, but the pitfalls of most software available on the market.

Enterprise-class Digital Signage Software

Signagelive provides Enterprise-class Digital Signage Software, Services and Support that enable you to create and publish engaging media and apps for your Clients. With over 20 years experience delivering award-winning digital signage solutions for over 2,000 customers in 46 countries, we have the know-how to help you; design, implement, manage and measure the success of your digital signage project.
Activate The Space has sold and installed over 11,000.00 Digital Signage screens over the past 15 years. From Retail Stores to Corporate and Education Facilities, we have the expertise and the experience to make your Digital Signage System a success.


Beautiful content on any screen

We don’t want to bore you with the details, but we do think it’s important that you know what we offer and what makes us stand out. Digital signage is, as the word says, signage in a digital form. You might have posters and other forms of signage today and those still work, but we think digital signage can add even more to your brand, your shop and help you sell.
Our editor is naturally also cloud based and features a lot of advanced functionality like animations, transitions, content preview and a bunch of awesome plugins like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and many more. If you don’t have access to beautiful photos, videos, animations, we also provide access to several royalty-free libraries right in the editor.
Play Digital Signage is both easy-to-use for beginners yet powerful enough for advanced users. What makes us stand out is our cloud based solution featuring all the best tools on the market. You can use our built-in drag n’ drop editor to design your content or opt for using a program you’re already familiar with. Digital Signage content with ease. Add text, shapes, images, videos, social plugins and much more.
Background music that works for your store
The music draws customers inside and gives them confidence that they’re in the right place. What they’re listening to complements the decor and what they see on the shelves. Seamless. Your customers notice the background music but aren't distracted by it; they're comforted. It calms them down and keeps them around to look at everything you have to offer. They take their time and end up buying more than they came for.
The music you scheduled in advance picks up in intensity to meet the after-work rush, subtly moving customers through the shop. Staff can focus on each customer individually and never worry about the music—only making the sale.
Call Activate The Space to take a look at this revolutionary background music service and change the way you subscribe to Backgroud Music.
Seenspire Social media, Teams and Infotainment content feeds to keep your viewers informed, engaged and inspired.
In 2011. Everyone was turning focus to mobile devices and looking past the opportunity to do more with the public screens in places where people work, wait and buy. Seenspire was founded as a creative agency with a goal to help companies tell their brand stories through digital signage. Collaborating with international clients and partners on content, we learned that digital signage for internal communication wasn’t as impactful as it should be. Inspired by TV broadcast scheduling we realized that attention had to be drawn to company content with a diverse and attractive playlist for the viewer in the modern workplace. Since 2017, Seenspire has grown from an Agency to a full-fledged tech company, but our mission is unchanged: Seenspire’s unlimited content subscription service for digital signage helps its users create awareness for their screens and drive attention to the message that matters most. Call Activate The Space to learn more.
Create Dynamic Digital Signage Content on any device
A cloud based graphics app, Sodaclick puts you in the driving seat of your content creation. Design static and animated slides in minutes with fonts, shapes, colors, animation presets and a powerful *web image search.
Over 1 million high quality royalty free images in partnership with Pexels and Pixabay. Call Activate The Space to learn more about this powerful Cloud Based Content Creation tool that anyone can use. Sodaclick's cloud based graphics app was designed to give you a full on experience no matter what device you use. Start creating digital menus and posters for your digital signage screens today using your phone, tablet or computer. Create professional static and animated HTML5 graphics for any digital Signage Screen.
Activate The Space knows content creation and has sold and installed over 11,000.00 Digital Signage screens over the past 15 years. From Retail Stores to Corporate and Education Facilities, we have the expertise and the experience to make your Digital Signage System a success.

We Create Experiences

Award winning, Iconic AV projects, products and services

Activate The Space is one of the Pre-Eminent AV Environment design companies for the past 15 years. Consultation and Education is the cornerstone of our Audio Visual Design / Build approach. Our job is to listen to your needs, learn about your culture and goals and then work with you on what is possible? For Activate The Space, the consultation process is where Creative Ideas meet Technology Realities and where Problems are turned into Solutions.

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