Choosing the right hardware for you project is a critical step to insure the long term stability and sustainability of your installation. The staff at Activate The Space has decades of experience working with hardware vendors. Product features and capabilities change over time. It is a critical step to not only look at what is available today, but also access the long term implications of the vendors commitment to insuring the quality of their products. Price and performance often go hand in hand. But the price of something is often not the not the cost for the lifespan of your project. Activate The Space assures you, we have taken everything into consideration when choosing our Hardware Suppliers.

LED Walls and Structures

We have built 100's of LED Walls and Structures
An LED wall is a system that requires multiple components working together. It starts with a series of LED Panels and a LED Mount System, The wall is then fed by a Digital Signage Software application loaded on a Media Player. An optional Video Processor can be added if you need more inputs for the wall such as Cameras, PC’s or other Media Players as well as Scaling, Picture in Picture and Format Conversion. Lastly, these signals are sent to an LED Processor that communicates these video signals to the LED Panels. Our expertise runs deep and wide beyond the LED walls and panels themselves. We are experts in CAD Mechanical Design. Experts in the Electronics, Media Players and Software that make these walls come to life and beyond all, we are Experts in Service and Support.

Media Players

The Engines of a Digital Signage System
Digital Signage Media Players are the Engines that create successful Digital Signage Systems. Choosing the right Media Player can be the difference between a great Digital Signage System that runs smoothly and one that struggles. Your choice of Software is only half of the equation.
Activate The Space is proud to offer our most powerful and affodable Digital Signage Media Players ever. From Brightsign to Apple and everything in between. Variety, Performace and Price allows anyone to launch a successful and affordable Digital Signage System.

Sound that means business

Our sound solutions are ready to work for you
From a simple sense of arrival and relaxation for customers to music that helps people feel connected and have a good time. Pro audio is about creating incredible experiences. It’s about making every space, the spaces where we, shop learn, worship, work, and play better.
Pro audio is about creating incredible experiences — from an unforgettable live music event to a retail environement that gets the customer connected with your sound and your culture, making them connect with your brand and enjoy the experience in your space.
Activate The Space designs and installs the finest Professional Audio Systems for Retail Stores at some of the largest brands in Retail. Audio is an important element in any environment. Let us design one for you.


Control from Anywhere, Any Time, with Any Device…
Get connected with Core Control and master the ins- and-outs of your digital signage and audio visual system. Core Control is an essential element in your commercial space, and is the best option for audio and video control. Manage your content in-store or off-site and make adjustments on the fly to provide the optimum environment for your audience. Core Control is a cloud based system that is powered by Kramer AV, in which a touch screen tablet with a multi-page interface lets you take control of your AV.
By taking “AV Beyond the Box”, Kramer technology offers specialized componenets so that we can build custom solutions tailored to your specific challenge. Our distributed architecture is built in a flat topology in which all Smart Units are hierarchically equal. Unlike legacy architectures, in which a single master processor unit controls several slave units, our Smart Units are stand-alone. Data is communicated between Smart Units automatically, eliminating the need to program a dedicated path. Innovation that cuts down on hardware, eliminates the need for custom programming, and gathers organizational data to deliver cloud based analytics on-demand. Cloud supported control include; audio, HVAC, power, lighting, shades, and video.

We Create Experiences

Award winning, Iconic AV projects, products and services

Activate The Space is one of the Pre-Eminent AV Environment design companies for the past 15 years. Consultation and Education is the cornerstone of our Audio Visual Design / Build approach. Our job is to listen to your needs, learn about your culture and goals and then work with you on what is possible? For Activate The Space, the consultation process is where Creative Ideas meet Technology Realities and where Problems are turned into Solutions.

Our Wholesale Products Division

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