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award winning, iconic AV projects for retail stores and more

Project Shown: Under Armour Brand House - Boston

LED Solutions

LED Walls, Cubes, Ceilings, Monoliths, Curves

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Project Shown: Hearst Live - NYC

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Digital Signage Content Management and Media Headend Systems

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Project Shown: Foot Locker 34th Street - NYC

Creative Services

In-House Creative Agency for Video, Stills, Motion Graphics ,VR and more...

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Shown: Activate The Space's - Creative Team Collaboration Room


Win and hold the attention of your employees, clients or potential customers with unlimited, visually stunning and relevant content.

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Social Media

Connect with your viewers and spread word of mouth with fresh, brand-owned and user-generated social media content.

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Technical Services

Highly Skilled and Trained Field Repair and Remote Support Operations

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Project Shown: Under Armour - South Korea

Professional Audio

The finest Multi Zone Audio Systems for Retail Environments

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About Us

Over 12 years of award winning designs and projects

Shown: Activate The Space - Connecticut Headquarters

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DIY Digital Signage Systems

Digital Signage Store is a new venture by Activate The Space an award winning designer, manufacturer and integrator of some of the largest most prolific AV projects all over the world. This store will leverage our multi-million dollar operations plus our decades of experience in Digital Signage Systems. We will only carry and sell products that have been used and vetted by Activate The Space throughout all of its projects for the past decade.

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