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“Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.“
Steve Jobs
Activate The Space has designed, fabricated and installed hundreds of AV systems from indoor LED boards and large Outdoor LED Headend Systems to LCD Video Walls, Multi-Touch Tables / Wall Systems and everything in between from small to large. We have the capabilities to do almost any project from Creative, Technical to Fabrication and then install on site with after the project Technical Support second to none.

Our philosophy focuses on the impact that our Audio-Video creations have on your environment. Our projects have included systems for Broadcast Control Rooms, Retail Stores, Showrooms, Hotel Lobbies, Restaurants, Trade Show Booths, Special Events, Museums, Universities, Schools, Corporate Lobbies, LED Boards and Public Spaces. We pride ourselves on our ability to Design, Create, Fabricate, Integrate, Execute and Support the right system solution or product on time and on budget. Call us for your project or product needs, you will not be disappointed.
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Featured Products

Digital Signage for Mac
Over 6,700 installed in North America
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The solution for today’s digital signage market, ~sedna presenter is a powerful tool for communicating marketing messages, advertisements, brand values, and corporate information to displays of any size and at any location. Media management and content creation go hand-and-hand to make one powerful and fully integrated software suite. All the potential of your digital signage system and your imagination combined on one easy-to-use platform.
~sedna presenter 3.0 Creator Screen Shots
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Moderated Social Media
For any Digital Signage Software System
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Social Engagement bringing together real-time conversations and content. Crowd Convergence offers products specifically designed to increase real-time social engagement for your digital signage screens, LED boards, web sites, live events, conferences or digital activations. We help you safely communicate with, entertain and educate your audience via social channels through big screens and digital surfaces.

People are talking about you all over the place...

We provide tools to integrate these social conversations safely by giving you approve or disapprove control over your campaign. We then blend the output beautifully into your digital media, events and advertising. We offer a plug-and-play solution for getting Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ content onto the big screen or into your website.
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What we do

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For many years Activate The Space has designed and Integrated hundreds of AV Projects ranging from Video Walls, LED Walls, Single Screens, Broadcast Monitor Stacks for Control rooms , Projection Systems and everything in between. We pride ourselves at delivering all of our projects with the highest level of technical know how on time and always on budget with after installation support and service being a hallmark of our organization and client commitment.
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AV System Solutions are a key vertical that ATS specializes in. A System Solution is preconfigured by us, tested and verified for installation and then shipped to the location for local labor and technical installation. This "Systems in a Box" approach can save time and money and allows ATS to leverage its facilities in a controlled environment using all of our built in configuration and test systems. We also offer comprehensive service and support plans for everything we build and design.
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Activate The Space is an authorized reseller for all of the top brands names in AV Systems. In addition to our exclusive products like ~sedna presenter, Crowd Convergence, structure LED and Mac mini Screen mounts we also offer products from Apple Inc. to Blackmagic, TVone, Samsung plus hundreds of others. We only sell products that we use in our Systems, so you can be assured of the performance of a ATS recommended product for your particular need.
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We offer several different types of services that range from on site technical repair and service to remote access services. We also can provide full turnkey operation service for your systems meaning Activate The Space can not only provide you with the Systems but can also operate them for you or train your staff to operate them with the ATS Service staff always there as a backup.
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We pride ourselves in the customer support that we provide. Our support services are staffed with the most knowledgeable and experienced staff for all of the products and verticals Activate The Space provides solutions for. From the largest LED boards in the world to in-store Screens that have to operate flawlessly every day, Activate The Space provides support for some of the largest brands and companies in the world in some of the highest profile locations such as Times Square in NYC.
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We are often hired for what we know and our experience in designing, integrating and operating Visual Systems of any size or Configuration. In some cases it does not make sense for ATS to perform Integration or even sell you the required Products for your project , but we are always available and excel at Project Management and Customer Advocacy Guidance on how to do the job correctly.
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Featured Projects

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Activate The Space has designed and Integrated all of the Media Playback Systems for the Indoor LCD Display Walls, Interactive Touch Screens and the Outdoor LED for the new Citizen Watch Company Flag Ship Store in Times Square, NYC., On Wednesday Nov. 19th, with the help of brand ambassador Kelly Clarkson., the Times Square Flagship Opened.

The store is a milestone for the company, and part of the new brand message: Better Starts Now. "We're trying to establish an experience and emotional connection for our customer that they were previously not able to get," said Jeffrey Cohen, president of Citizen Watch Company of America.
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Under Contract to Clear Channel, Activate The Space has designed and integrated a new LED Headend System for Clear Channels latest LED board in Times Square. ATS’s Mac based system went live on 11/18/14 running a promotional launch for Revlon’s #LOVEISON Campaign.

For the Revlon Campaign, ATS designed and programed and integrated the Revlon Kiss Cam keepsake photo moment where Augmented reality models come onto to the screen to introduce where the camera will take the picture. There are several preset locations where people can stand to have their picture taken and then posted to the LED Board and the Web.
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NYC Technical Support
226 West 37th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018
Telephone: (800) 306-0620
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Fax: (860) 606-9534
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Artistic LCD Wall
Thinking Outside the Box
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Coming in 2015
Indoor LED
structure LED
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Video Wall
Traditional and Timeless
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Touch ePosters
Engage, Wayfind, Interact
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Coming in 2015
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