Improve Corporate Communications and Branding by informing and educating your employees about all things related to your company throughout your facilities.

" We have installed dozens of Corporate Digital Signage systems used to present information and current Company Happenings, News and related information to all employees . Keeping employees in the loop by notifying them of upcoming events or information, improves company morale and the emotional connection to the Company "

- Chris Pelzar, CEO and Founder of Activate The Space

Corporate Digital Signage…
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Communicating with your employees is a critical part of your business that’s getting harder every day as workers are inundated with calls, meetings and emails, drowning out important messages you are trying to convey.

Digital Signage for internal communications is becoming a necessary tool as it provides a unique platform for engagement while they’re not sitting at their desk.

As BYOD and the movement of a more mobile workforce have taken over the modern office, you need to find new and innovative ways to communicate quickly and impact-fully.
First impressions are everything…
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The entrance to your office or building is your first opportunity to engage both employees and visitors alike. Video Walls are a very popular way to deliver the “wow” experience by creating a large canvas for your messaging, whether it’s company branding or a custom welcome message for your most important customers.
What floor is that meeting again?…
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Directories are very useful for companies that are part of a larger building, and because tenants turnover happens frequently, it makes sense to go digital to eliminate printing costs.

Directories can also be used to promote building services and provide advertising revenue.
Checking in for a meeting…
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A growing number of businesses are turning to technology to facilitate meetings with internal staff and external partners/customers, etc. Virtual receptionists are deployed with touch screens resembling tablets, allowing someone to check in, verify who they are meeting with, alert that person and show directions to the meeting space.
Education Digital Signage…
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Rarely does everyone show up for their meetings 100% on time, so digital signage can be deployed in waiting areas to shorten perceived wait time and/or reinforce branding.

Live TV can be combined with corporate messaging to make that wait time feel much shorter.
Managing Room Booking…
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Navigating the logistics of shared meeting space has always been a challenge, and new technologies have seemed to complicate the process with confusing interfaces and unnecessary expense. Instead of spending thousands of dollars for touch screens outside of rooms, workers can now use their email systems and mobile phones to simply log a meeting and book a room, with screens that are always displaying relevant information and are integrated into the company’s back end.
Nobody reads HR Emails anymore…
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The modern worker sends and receives hundreds if not thousands of emails per week, forcing many to check their mobile phones constantly during off hours just to keep up. While sending HR and other important information electronically may never go away, relying solely on email is losing its effectiveness.

Well placed digital signage in dwell time areas such as elevators and break rooms help drive critical messages – but be careful: make sure to mix in “infotainment” such as weather, updated traffic and even fun trivia to keep your digital signage fresh and relevant.