About IAdea
IAdea is a recognized pioneer in the global digital signage market since 2000. It creates innovative, commercial-grade digital signage media players and integrated displays. By focusing on partnership, IAdea created one of the industry’s largest ecosystems around open standards across a wide variety of business markets. It provides exceptional customer service through its worldwide locations.
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Our Mission
IAdea helps realize a better world by providing enterprise-grade devices and services for building smart infrastructures. We work to enable a world that is more efficient at work and more fun at leisure.
Retail Digital Signage
Elevate your customer’s shopping experience with vibrant, informative and engaging visual communications. Dynamic digital signage delivers an increased ROI with engaging advertisements promoting in-store sales and future promotions prompting future visits. With IAdea’s crystal clear displays located strategically throughout the facility, you can now expose your customers to your branded advertising, special offers and event information effortlessly. Create a meaningful connection to your brand for your customers through stunning 4k graphics, split screen capabilities and engaging interactive solutions strategically displayed and deployed throughout your business.
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There are many great digital signage hardware and software options available, but we think Signagelive for IAdea Digital Signage Devices delivers a scalable, affordable and feature-rich solution that you’ll love. IAdea Digital Signage Devices and Signagelive’s digital signage service; deliver amazing price/performance.
AltTextMedia Players
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$349.00 USD

XMP 7300

4K 60Hz Media Player

True 4K Anytime, Any Format, Any Angle. Your content will never be the same with IAdea True 4K technology. No limitation, no compromise on multiple zones and viewing modes. XMP-7300 brings you a whole new definition of 4K.

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$399.00 USD

XMP 6400

1080P with Live Capture Media Player

The XMP-6400 allows you to integrate video sources with dynamic HTML5 or image content to create advertising overlays and live video playback on any screen. Along with all of the same features as the XMP-6250, the XMP-6400 includes an HDMI input port. With this you can add any video source, from a camera to live-tv, and play this back in real-time with ad based content.

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$299.00 USD

XMP 6250

1080P Media Player

The XMP-6250 delivers hardware HD video playback for smooth 1080p video – and advanced onboard processing power for stunning HTML5 content playback. Just like all of our players, setup is a snap with the XMP-6250. Plug in power, network and HDMI, and you’re ready to go. Like all of our players, the XMP-6250 is fan-less, but still keeps its cool during 24/7/365 operation with built-in self-recovery to keep things running regardless of conditions. Includes a micro-SD port with expandability up to 32GB for longer presentation

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$219.00 USD

MBR 1100

1080P Media Player

MBR-1100 Wireless Media Player is our most compact player – designed for direct HDMI installation right into your screen. About the size of a deck of cards, the MBR-1100 is still exceptionally powerful, supporting full motion HD video and smooth graphics playback. Simply plug-in power and configure Wi-Fi and you have a full HD and HTML5 capable media player ready for advanced cloud-based content. It’s just that easy to install the MBR-1100.