Purpose-built for Digital Signage with Signature Reliability
BrightSign players offer a state-of-the-art industrial design with a sleek look, efficient front and back port access, and an ultra-thin form-factor that easily fits into any digital signage application. Designed in California exclusively for digital signage, BrightSign’s purpose-built OS delivers superior signage capabilities and exceptional 4K and Full HD video quality with a solid- state platform you can depend on. This non-PC solution delivers the absolute highest standard of reliability and functionality without the PC hassles. Plus, our green, energy-efficient devices consume very little power keeping heat emission and operating costs down.
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State-of-the-Art Technology
BrightSign is the right choice now, and into the future. Our free BrightAuthor software is continually updated with new leading-edge features so you’ll never be stuck with a product that isn’t keeping pace with current market demands.
Powerful Performance, Targeted for Specific Applications
BrightSign’s product lines target specific levels of applications and performance. All models offer H.265 decoding for efficient, high- quality video playback, Full HD 1080p60 video support, HTML5 rendering, interactivity and networking. Each product line provides increasing levels of video and HTML5 performance to deliver the right solution for any application.
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There are many great digital signage hardware and software options available, but we think Signagelive for BrightSign Digital Signage Players delivers a scalable, affordable and feature-rich solution that you’ll love. BrightSign Digital Signage Players and Signagelive’s digital signage service; deliver amazing price/performance.
AltTextMedia Players
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$495.00 USD


Standard I/O Player

Offers our most powerful H.265/H 264 4K and Full HD video engine with Dolby Vision and HDR10+ support, 4K upscaling and dual decoding of two 4Kp60 videos simultaneously. Delivers the best HTML5 rendering performance available for Enterprise applications. Includes the standard I/O package of Gigabit Ethernet with PoE+, GPIO, IR, analog/digital audio and an M.2 SSD PCIe interface.

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$595.00 USD


Expanded I/O Player

Includes all the features of BrightSign XT244, plus serial, dual USB (type A and C) and Live TV playback via the HDMI 2.0a input to play content from any broadcast channel – even protected HDCP content

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$395.00 USD


Standard I/O Player

Offers a powerful 4K video engine capable of decoding one 4Kp60 video or two Full HD videos simultaneously and supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+ content. It includes the standard I/O package of Gigabit Ethernet, GPIO, IR, analog/digital audio, and an M.2 SSD PCIe interface.

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$495.00 USD


Expanded I/O Player

Includes all the features of BrightSign XD234 plus additional interactive options with the added serial and dual USB 2.0 (type A and C) ports for engaging interactive displays.

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$319.00 USD


Standard I/O Player

Enjoy flawless 4K and Full HD single video decoding, mainstream HTML5 performance and simultaneous playback from local, networked and streaming sources. Includes the standard I/O package of gigabit Ethernet, GPIO (GPIO connectors sold separately), analog and digital audio.

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$395.00 USD


Expanded I/O Player

All the features of the HD224 plus additional interactive options via USB2.0 (type A) and serial to fully engage your audience.

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$219.00 USD


Standard I/O Player

The small form, commercial-grade BrightSign LS424 is fully featured to run circles around the competition while offering easy port access and power efficiency. Network connected and featuring H.265 1080p60 video playback, entry-level HTML5 support and USB interactivity, this model is perfect for simple streaming applications and large deployments of common content.

AltTextMicro SD Cards and Other Options

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$15.00 USD

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$25.00 USD

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$35.00 USD

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$55.00 USD

Wifi / Bluetooth Kit
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$50.00 USD

GPIO Terminal
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$3.00 USD