Technical Service Capabillties

“Design is not just what it looks like and how it feels. Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobs - Apple Inc.

We are dedicated to excellent design with the staff and resources needed for any project

Our design relationship with some of the largest manufacturers of LED products in the world is second to none. Our designs are custom to ATS as we are able to pick and choose the best components available and customize our designs to incorporate best of class components and mechanical design..

Our in house Mechanical and System Design enables us to improve the technical aspects of our systems as a continual process even after installation. Sustainable Design is a core tenant of our Technical Services philosophy. When we design and Build, great care and thought is put into every aspect to insure the long term satisfaction our clients.

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Our discipline and process philosophy

With our in house technical design and integration services, we pre-rack and test every component before it gets installed. We build in network monitoring of all system operations so we can monitor, update and service many systems located anywhere from anywhere. Our process for projects has been developed over the past 15 years. Our discipline guides this process no matter the size of the project. Big or small, all of our projects and support are backed by the same process.

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Mechanical CAD Design

AV CAD Design

Project Management


Service & Support

Support Monitoring

We Create Experiences

Award winning, Iconic AV projects, products and services

Activate The Space is one of the Pre-Eminent AV Environment design companies for the past 15 years. Consultation and Education is the cornerstone of our Audio Visual Design / Build approach. Our job is to listen to your needs, learn about your culture and goals and then work with you on what is possible? For Activate The Space, the consultation process is where Creative Ideas meet Technology Realities and where Problems are turned into Solutions.

Our Wholesale Products Division

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