Background music that works for your store

The music draws customers inside and gives them confidence that they’re in the right place. What they’re listening to complements the decor and what they see on the shelves. Seamless. Your customers notice the background music but aren't distracted by it; they're comforted. It calms them down and keeps them around to look at everything you have to offer. They take their time and end up buying more than they came for.
The music you scheduled in advance picks up in intensity to meet the after-work rush, subtly moving customers through the shop. Staff can focus on each customer individually and never worry about the music—only making the sale. Call Activate The Space to take a look at this revolutionary background music service and change the way you subscribe to Backgroud Music.
Find the perfect music for your store in the world's largest commercial catalog

Easy ways to find and play the music that works best for your business

Create playlists

Create playlists from scratch by searching for a song or artist

Is wanting to play only the music you want too much to ask? Of course not. Soundtrack is the only music service for businesses that lets you create your own playlists exactly how you want them. Because you know your audience best. Search for music like you're used to. Type in the name of an artist or a particular song—it just makes sense.


Spotify playlist

Import a Spotify playlist

Are you a Spotify user who already has playlists that will work in your business? Import them in seconds, and they're licensed and legal.


Instant music

450+ playlists curated by experts

You'd rather focus on running your business than spend time crafting playlists? We get it. Soundtrack's experts and AI give you three ways to find music that works, in seconds. Organized around a music genre or theme, each playlist provides dozens of hours of music and contains a balanced mix of hits and lesser-known songs to generate the maximum benefit to your business.


Artist stations

Search by Artist and let AI do the rest

It doesn't get easier than this. Type in a name to get an AI-generated station of songs by that artist and artists producing similar music. It's like your favorite musicians suddenly recorded more albums at the click of a button.

AI-generated stations

From sound tags

The background music you play should complement the values and vibe of your business. Click on mood, energy, and genre tags and the AI instantly produces a station to match your choices—music made to order.

Smart tools

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Schedule in advance to make sure that the right songs are playing when and where they should be. Drag and drop playlists into the calendar to meet business hours, expected rush times, holidays, and more, down to the quarter hour.


Explicit-lyrics filter

Keep your business family-friendly with the flick of a switch. Our explicit-lyrics filter makes sure that inappropriate content never destroys the ambiance—no need to hear the song first and react to a nasty surprise.


The Remote App

Helps staff respond to the moment and engage with customers. Staff can adjust the volume to fit the number of customers in the business, skip a song that isn't going over well, and even share a song with a customer for that extra touch.

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