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Smart Sign Board

LCD Screens with Built in Media Player...

Smart Sign Board…

Stay ahead of the competition…

Superior image quality
No extra cables - simple connection for power and network or connect to a wireless network
Flexible Mounting options including 24” OC retail wall standards
USB offline content update
Extremely durable with an anti-scratch tempered glass surface

Built for your audience…
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BrandCast 21.5” Digital Smart Signboard is the ideal digital display format for countertops, walls, elevators, and more.

This lightweight digital display option is perfect for areas of high customer visibility and can be used for target market strategies with specific in- store placement.

With a viewing technology that lets customers see the screen from any angle, this product is perfect for all verticals and any audience.BrandCast Smart Signboard lets you choose custom media channels.

Whether you want to reach women, men, or other specific targets such as golf or basketball, you can set up your channels to do just that.

BrandCast 21.5” Smart Signboard is a simple digital display option that offers full HD playback, has multiple mounting options, and with a seamless install, provides effective communication.

Reaching your target audience has never been easier.
Advanced digital signage engine…
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BrandCast offers the best end-to-end solution, one that has been tested and implemented across various industries. From initial consult to final content output, BrandCast provides you with the power to position your brand at a higher level and increase in-store customer engagement.

− Cloud based scheduling and distribution
− Unlimited users and unlimited storage
− Includes media player
A digital experience for any environment.…
Tech Specs…
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  • Built in Media Player no need for external unit
  • True HD 1080P : Yes
  • Brightness (NIT) : 250
  • Horizontal Viewing Angles : 178 degrees
  • Vertical Viewing Angles : 178 degrees
  • Refresh Frequency : 300 4000
  • Local Storage : 8GB built in and Micro SD Slot
  • Working Voltage : AC100-240V. 50-60Hz

Multiple Mounting Options

  • Wall Mount
  • Hanging
  • Fixture Mount

Dimensions & Weight

  • 522.4mm Wide x 318.4mm Tall x 57.2mm Deep
  • 20.5" Wide x 12.5" Tall x 2.25" Deep
  • 8 lbs
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Smart Sign Board is Available for Purchase at our Digital Signage Store

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